Review of "Lie Like a Rug"/ ALTERATIONS
at James Graham & Sons Gallery, 1014 Madison Ave, NYC
June 21- August 31, 2001
July 30 &August 6, 2001

The twenty aritsts is this textile show weave together the conceptual and the decorative. Eric Hanson's elegant smoke-blue needlepoint is based on an abstract photograph, its exposure determined by the length of a David Bowie song. Devorah Sperber's Persian rug, an elaborate parlor trick, is made of countless colored pen caps; it appears pixellated until viewed in the accompanying convex mirror. Jim Hodges's nosegay of silk scraps serves as an achingly sweet reminder that summer, like life, is fleeting. Through August 31. (James Gaham, 1014 Madison Ave., at 78th St. 535-5767.)

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